Why I'm allergic to the word consulting

I was once a consultant. I loved that time and place, when I did great work for my clients.

But when I think of the word I conjure parachuting into a project, whipping up some slides, and leaving. I become frustrated at over-intellectualization of issues, and not actually worry about the long-term value impact on our clients. And we kept on selling more work to justify our existence. I am allergic to the short term nature of consulting.

I have tons of consulting friends within the big 3, and I respect the hell out of them. But that world just isn't for me.

Instead, I prefer an approach where we're both incentivized in the same way with cash (short term) + equity (long term). I want to work directly with leaders to define the challenges and strategy, and then work with the teams to make that strategy happen. I want to think but also lead change.

I don't want to work for you. I want to work with you.