Why London is the best city in the world

London is the best city in the world.

i know something about the subject - i've lived/worked in many of the top cities in the world: Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chicago, New York, and London. and have visited many of the others: Paris, San Francisco, Mumbai, New Delhi, Berlin, Stockholm, and Shanghai.

every city has a distinct vibe and ambition. and like Paul Graham said in his cities and ambition post, great cities attract ambitious people. what ambition means to each city is different.

ambition in London is:
* integrating diversity: there is a concerted effort to integrate all cultures in a harmonious way. i know harmony is not always achieved, but London does a damn good job considering the diverse cultures that call it home. as much as i love Hong Kong or New York, they clearly do not deal with diversity issues at the same scale London does.
* staying classy: manners make a difference here. pride does as well. dignity. ambition to make money is present in London, but being classy while making money is the golden standard.
* appreciating other ambitions: want to learn about good food? some of the best chefs cook here in London. how about coffee? yup - that's covered. how about ceramics? totally. the breadth of how many ambitious people in other industries is mind-boggling.

i couldn't imagine being a part of any other city ecosystem in the world. Let me know if you disagree via Twitter.

Thanks to Georgi Georgiev, one our current Hackstars, for pointing to me PG's article.

Thanks also Business o Feminin for asking great questions about what makes London great in a recent article