With mentoring comes great responsibility

my email to Seth Godin is sitting in draft mode in my inbox, just waiting to be sent. i check and recheck the content, just to be sure i'm saying the right things. i click the send button. 2 minutes later, my phone rings. i pick it up - "it's Seth Godin here"

mentoring should be tough. it should be a learning process not only for the mentee, but the mentor. the mentor should strive to get better each and every interaction, to build experience to serve future mentees.

some of the best mentoring experiences i've had is when i came out of a conversation knowing that i learned something as well. my thinking was pushed, or i thought about something in a new way. those were good experiences.

at the end of the day, mentoring is teaching. and similar to teaching in school, teachers have an awesome responsibility to be their best and do their best for their students.